A Christmas Punking Miracle


vianocny punk.jpgHardcore Punk. Avant-Garde grandpas. A genderfluid DnB DJ. A Slovak-language cover of Where’s Me Jumper.

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending a “Christmas Punk” show in Fuga (Which is an antiquated word for “hole” in Slovak).  The 9 euro entry included free punch, which contained an unholy amount of Brandy.

The Wilderness were in the middle of their set when we arrived. Pretty standard 3-piece hardcore punk with lyrics that were obviously politically charged. My understanding of Slovak allowed me to only recognize when the singer shouted “cunt”, and the local anti-immigrant, far-right Kotleba party.

After this, Ještě Jsme Se Nedohodli (Czech for We Have Not Yet Agreed), a gang of men in their late 50s/early 60s took to the stage. They proceeded to play some fucked up jazzy Avant-Garde rock. I was agape watching them, as I had never heard this kind of stuff performed live before. My girlfriend advised me that there were many Czech and Slovak bands like this, which sent me down a rabbit hole for the last few days.

Next was Saténové Ruky (Satin Fists) – a band of pop-punk dads. I was most shocked to hear them cover Where’s Me Jumper, by Sultans of Ping FC who hail from Cork city. This was absolutely the last thing I expected to hear.

Closing out the bands was Vydrapená Bužírka Punk System (Built-In Punk System). A bunch of guys who were doing their absolute best impression of an British punk band from the late 70s (hodgepodge glam attire, eyeliner, catchy riffs) whose drummer-vocalist sported a brush-head in lieu of a mohawk. They had a guy on stage whose sole duty in the band was to go around the crowd with a tray of shots of Borovicka.

Then, for some reason, the night ended with B-Complex, a liquid DnB producer and DJ taking the stage. B (aka Matia) is genderfluid and performs dressed like a cross between Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. She laid down some great tracks to which I danced vigorously – though not all the aging punks in attendance shared my enthusiasm. Why oh why there was a DnB act on after 4 punk bands, I do not know. I guess it’s a pretty punk thing to do.  I went up to him and said that I enjoyed her set at Pohoda, Slovakia’s premier music festival. He has a great taste in ass, as was evidenced by the asses attached to her dancers at the Pohoda show, who were not present with him in Fuga.

It was insane value for money, and a great look at the cool music going on in Slovakia in the past and the present.

A Christmas Punking Miracle

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